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Organic Chef | Model | Health Coach

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  Chef, fitness enthusiast, model, blogger and all-around goof ball, Shayna has dedicated her life to improving the emotional wellness and health of others through food, beauty & health tips. Shayna began cooking at the age of 5 with lessons from her Italian step-father which were centered around cooking and learning the importance of a family meal. Growing up in a household of athletes, Shayna learned self-discipline and the rewards of a maintaining a consistent workout routine  and diet from a young age. Shayna began honing her fitness skills after taking up volleyball and track at the age of twelve and continued refining her aerobic activities, eventually working out with and learning from a personal trainer by the age of eighteen.  

  In 2010 Shayna chose to attend The Art Institute-Culinary Arts studying the teachings of international cuisines and specializing in advanced fine dining skills. During her time at culinary school, Shayna worked as a chef for the highly-touted Ritz Carlton in Dana Point. Shayna went on to combine her lessons gathered from culinary school with those gleaned from personal trainers such as Jeff Deperon, Carlos Gomez, Jusin Gelband, Gotham Gym, La Palestra, and the Altus Trainers to help transform people’s overall well-being through fitness and healthy cooking. She became a respected personal chef for a high-profile clientele and enjoyed great success creating healthy, delicious meals all while motivating her clients to train every day. Shayna traveled around the world immersing herself in different cultures, restaurants, and cuisines. Her bold, fearless attitude granted her access to some of the world’s most famous kitchens and allowed her to cook alongside some of the greatest chefs of our time.   


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